Treat Ball Tug Small/Puppy

Treat Ball Tugs Small dog / Puppy

  • Our new Treat Ball Tugs are ideal for small dogs and puppies.

    • Benefits for the teeth: Soft and unique surface relief, can effectively help to clean your teeth and keep your gums healthy.

    • The spaces between the nubs are perfect for treats - for special stimulation and fun activities.

    • More Entertainment: which can be stuffed with pet snack. Your pets will accept this toy easily and get more surprise while playing.

    • The toy ball is a perfect gift for your pet to tugg and play interact games with you. Also a good training reward toy.

    Length of tug including handle and ball approximately 40cm
    Ball size is 5cm in Diameter

    Colour combinations may vary from photographs, when selecting colour choice this will reflect the fleece not the ball.

    Dogs must be supervised at all times whilst playing with this toy.