Head Collar

Head Collar Figure of 8

  • Head collars are a great way to help stop your dog from pulling on the leadand causing damage to their neck.

    It works by steering the dogs head in the direction the owner requires, having control of the head gives the owner a more comfortable walk by having much more control.

    Easy to put on as it just simply slips over the dogs head and nose, we always recommend to purchase a safety clip with these head collars as this will give you the additional security by clipping the head collar onto your dogs collar, so if your dog does manage to slip out of the head collar your dog will still remain attached to the lead as a back up to ensure your dog can not escape from the lead. Also includes a stopper slidder that can be adjusted to help prevent the head collar becoming too loose and slipping off.

    Made from fleece and webbing to ensure a nice comfortable and soft feel for your dog.

    Available in a variety of sizes including 15mm, 20mm and 25mm thickness of webbing and a variety of colour options.

    How to Measure for Head Collar

    You will need a soft tape measure or a piece of string. Starting from the back of your dogs neck, run the tape around the neck and under the ear, then under and around the dogs muzzle and back up to the starting point (which should have now formed a figure of 8 around your dogs nose). 

    Sizes are as follows

    Small - 55cm (22inch) to 65cm (26inch)

    Medium - 65cm (26inch) to 78cm (31inch)

    Large - 75cm (31inch) to 88cm (35inch)

    X-Large - 88cm (35inch) to 100cm (40inch)

    Please note safety clips will be in simiar or matching colour to the head collar.