Treat Box - Large

Treat Box - Large

  • Our large treat boxes are great to give your dog a variety of natural treats to try and are great if you have more than 1 dog. Our Large Box includes double the amont of treats than our medium box.

    Included in the box is (items are subject to change dependant on availability of each items. We will send replacement items of a similar cost if unavailable)

    2 x Pigs Ear

    2 x Trachea

    2 x Hooves

    6 x Chicken Feet

    2 x Duck Wings

    2 x Pig Snouts Puffed

    4 x Furry Rabbits Ear

    4 x Rabbit Ear

    2 x Beef Muscle

    2 x Salmon Sticks

    2 x Black Pudding Sticks

    2 x Vension Stick

    8 x Liver Sausage

    We advise that dogs are closely monitored when eating treats at all times.